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How does proofing with Favorites work?
How does proofing with Favorites work?
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The Favorite feature allows photographers to use their Pixieset Collection as a proofing gallery. Clients can add photos to one or more Favorite Lists as they go through their Gallery, and easily share, download, and add notes to the photos in their list. Photographers can view and manage all Favorite activities in their dashboard, as well as create Preset Favorite Lists, and limit the number of photos clients can choose for album, retouching work, etc.

Getting Started Using the Favorite Feature

The Favorite feature can be turned on or off for each individual Gallery. To do this, simply open the applicable Collection, and click on the Favorite section of the Collection Settings tab.

When the Favorite feature is turned ON, clients will see a heart icon on the images in their Gallery; they can click on the heart icon to add the image to a Favorite list. These Favorite lists are saved using the email address the client enters when they first click the heart icon. Clients can come back at any time and access their lists by entering in the same email address. When viewing the Favorites, clients can also add notes to the photos, and these notes will be shown in your dashboard.


Viewing Favorite Activities

To view and manage your client’s selections, go to the Favorite Activities tab of the applicable Collection. Here you will see a list of Favorite Lists, arranged by your client’s email address. You can click into a list to view the photos and see any notes added by the client (if applicable). From here, you can find many options to assist with your workflow:

Download: You can download all of the images in the list, or select individual images as needed. This option is available with an upgraded account.

Send as Download: You can send all the images in this list as a Digital Download to any email address. You can choose the download size (Web size, High resolution, or Original) and also include a message.

Copy to a new Set/Collection: You can copy the images in this list to a new Set or a new Collection.

Export .CSV file/Lightroom Copy List: You can export the filenames (as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file or Lightroom Copy List)

Create Mobile Gallery App: You can copy your client's Favorites to a mobile gallery app.

Predefining Favorite Lists

If you are looking to have clients select a set of images for a specific purpose, such as for an album, or for further retouching, it might be helpful to pre-create a list for them. Pre-creating a list allows you to assign this list to a specific email address, limit the # of photos in the list, as well as include optional instructions for your client.

This option can be found under the Favorite status page, or the Favorite Activities page.

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