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Can I sell both automatic and self-fulfilled products?
Can I sell both automatic and self-fulfilled products?

Prefer to fulfill some items yourself? Set up to have some items fulfilled automatically and some manually yourself.

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Your Pixieset Store allows you to easily sell prints and other products through our integrated Lab partners (WHCC, ProDPI, Miller's, Mpix, Loxley Colour and Atkins). If there are specialty products you would like to sell that are not offered through our Labs, you can add them as "Self Fulfilled Items" within your Automatic Fulfillment price sheet. This is a great way to have most of your prints automatically fulfilled by a Lab while having specialty items fulfilled separately.

Adding Self-Fulfilled Items to an Automatic Fulfillment Price Sheet:

1. Create a new Automatic Fulfillment price sheet, or select one of your existing Automatic Fulfillment price sheets, by going to the Store Dashboard and clicking on Products.


2. Click +Add Product on the top right of the screen, and choose Self Fulfilled Item in the drop-down window.


3. Enter all the details about your new Self Fulfilled product in the pop up window, and click Save.


​Note: You should fill out the Extra Shipping field in order to cover your shipping cost for the Self Fulfilled item. Shipping methods for your Self Fulfillment price sheets (under the shipping tab) will not apply to your Self Fulfilled items when they are added within an Automatic Fulfillment price sheet.


When a client places an Order

You will be notified when an Order is placed, and you can view your Orders by going to the Store Dashboard and clicking on Orders.
​Hint: The Category tabs allow you to easily filter through all items in the Order based on their fulfillment type. This makes it especially easy to view a list of only the items you will need to Self Fulfill.


The status bar allows you to track the progress of the Lab fulfilled portion of your Order. Once the Lab has shipped the Order to your client, the status will change to Lab Completed, confirming that the Lab portion of the Order is complete. When you have shipped the Self-fulfilled portion of the Order, click the Mark Complete button to indicate that this Order has been fully completed.


What will my clients see?

When selecting a product through your Store, clients will see the Self Fulfilled items listed under their appropriate category, which you selected (eg. Gift), among the Automatic Fulfillment items. To the client, they will not appear any differently from the other items.



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