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How does your 0% commission work?
How does your 0% commission work?
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Commission fees are only charged on Orders placed while you are subscribed to the Client Gallery - Free plan. We do not charge commission fees on upgraded Client Gallery or Suite plans. You can view all subscription options here. The commission fee is calculated based on the Order subtotal, before any discounts, coupon codes, taxes, or shipping fees are applied.

Based on your Plan, your commission fees would be as follows:
โ€‹Client Gallery - Basic, Plus, Pro, Ultimate: 0%

Suite - Starter, Pro, Ultimate: 0%

Studio 60, Studio 80, Studio 120: 0%

Free: 15%

โ€‹Note: The Pixieset commission fee would be in addition to any processing fees charged by your third-party payment processor (i.e. PayPal or Stripe) as well as printing and shipping costs if you are using automatic fulfillment for your orders.

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