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Selling digital downloads
Selling digital downloads

How to sell digital photos in your store that are delivered to your client automatically.

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You can easily sell digital downloads in your Store by adding a digital download product to any of your price sheets. Since digital download products are automatically fulfilled by Pixieset, a secure link to download photos will be emailed to your client after their purchase.

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Creating Digital Download Products


  1. From your dashboard, go to Store > Products > Select a price sheet

  2. Click on the + Add Product button.

  3. Select Digital Download.

  4. Specify the product details.

    Download type: choose between creating a Single Photo product or an All Photos download product (which will provide your client with a copy of all files in the collection). Download size: select your desired ****resolution for this digital download product. Name: name of your product. This is the product name your clients will see in your Store. Price: the price you are selling the product for. Description: the description of the product your customer is buying.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Ensure your price sheet is assigned to your collection so that your client can purchase your new digital download product.

Note: If you would like digital downloads to be available only through purchase in your Store, you’ll want to ensure that the Download Status is off in your collection’s settings — this is a separate feature from selling digital downloads in your Store.

Delivering Files to Clients

Once your client has placed an order, they will receive an order confirmation email. Once the order has been processed, we'll send them an email that contains a link to download the photos. For security purposes, this download link expires automatically after 7 days.

The image files will be delivered in the resolution your clients purchased, bundled in a .zip file. If the order contains a large number of images, they will be bundled into separate smaller .zip files, so your client can easily manage their images.

Resending Digital Download Orders

You can resend the download link for digital download orders at any time directly from your store dashboard. This is especially useful if your client’s download link has expired! You can generate a new download link for them, which will automatically be sent to the email that your client entered during checkout.


  1. From your dashboard, go to Store > Orders and click View next to your order.

  2. Click the Resend Download link.

  3. The new download link will now be generated and sent in an email to your client. This may take some time depending on how large the order is.

Taxes for Digital Downloads

Using Automatic Tax for Your Store

TaxJar will automatically determine whether taxes apply to digital downloads depending on your jurisdiction and local tax requirements.

Learn more here: Automated Sales Tax

Using Manual Tax for Your Store

You have the option to create your tax rates so that they apply to all products except Digital Downloads. When you are creating or updating tax rules, you can check or uncheck the Apply Tax on Digital Downloads option.

Learn more here: Setting up Taxes Manually

Adding a Digital Image License

You can easily create a digital image license for your Store. Your clients will be shown a link to your digital image license on checkout, and by clicking the Place Order button they are agreeing to comply with the information listed in your Digital Image License.

Important: Pixieset provides no warranties for digital image licenses and is not liable for any dispute arising out of any digital image license agreement. Pixieset is also not responsible for enforcing any digital image license agreements.


  1. From your dashboard, go to Store > Settings.

  2. Under Digital Image License, enter your license information.

  3. Click Save.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I provide my client with a specific number of downloads for free?

Yes, you can limit the number of photos you provide your client for free. There are a couple of ways to do this!

First, you can create a Free Giveaway coupon for your client to redeem at checkout to receive free digital downloads. Any additional downloads can be added to the cart and purchased.

Alternatively, you can provide your client with a specific number of digital downloads from the collection itself. This way, they do not need to add downloads to their cart and submit an order in your Store.

Can I sell a package that includes digital downloads?

Yes, you can sell packages that include some or all digital download products. To do this, you must first create a digital download product so that you can include it in a package.

Can I only sell digital downloads in my Store?

Yes, if you're only selling digital downloads, you can easily set up a price sheet that only contains digital downloads without any prints! There are two options for setting this up.

First, you can create an empty self fulfillment price sheet and then add your digital download products to it. Alternatively, when working with an existing price sheet, you can hide any print products.

Can I edit my client’s purchased downloads before they are sent to them?

Yes, when an order is in Order Delay status, you can replace the files with edited ones! Order Delay places a temporary hold on orders before they are submitted so that you can review them and make updates.

Will my client receive files with watermarks?

Watermarks applied through Pixieset will never appear on high-resolution downloads (original or 3600px) through your Store or through the collection itself.

For web size downloads (640px, 1024px, or 2048px), you can choose whether or not you would like your watermark applied.

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