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Getting Started with Selling
Getting started with Self Fulfillment
Getting started with Self Fulfillment

Sell prints and other products in your Store, and handle the printing and shipping yourself for a customized experience.

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With Pixieset Store, you can take control of the fulfillment process and offer products from any lab or printing service you want. With Self Fulfillment you can add your own custom products and shipping methods, and you’ll arrange for printing and shipping the order to your client outside of Pixieset.

If you would rather be hands-off with order fulfillment, check out our Automatic Fulfillment option: Getting started with automatic fulfillment

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How Self Fulfillment works

With Self Fulfillment, you are in charge of fulfilling orders manually, outside of Pixieset. You are responsible for ordering prints from your own preferred Lab, as well as arranging shipping to your clients. This is a great option for photographers who wish to take full control of the fulfillment process.

How does it work?

  1. First, you’ll create a Self Fulfillment price sheet and assign it to your Client Gallery collection. This will allow clients to browse the available products and place their order right from the gallery!

  2. When your client places an order, they will pay the prices you have set for the items they’ve selected, as well as the shipping cost for the order and any applicable sales tax. Any applicable processing fees are deducted by your payment processor (Stripe or PayPal), and the remaining amount is paid to you directly.

    Note: On the Free plan, each order is also subject to a 15% commission fee. Pixieset does not charge any commission fees with an upgraded Client Gallery or Suite subscription. Learn more: How does your 0% commission work?

  3. You’ll be able to review the order in your Dashboard, to see what images and products were purchased. You’ll manage the order status manually, so you can easily keep track of your orders.

  4. You will arrange for the order to be printed and shipped to your client, outside of Pixieset. You’ll also manage any communication regarding the order, such as letting your client know that their order is complete and providing any necessary tracking details.

You can also add Self Fulfillment products to your existing price sheets, and sell those items alongside other Automatic Fulfillment products: Selling both Automatic and Self Fulfillment products

Creating a Self Fulfillment price sheet

Price sheets determine what products you are selling, and at what price.


  1. From your dashboard, go to Store > Products and click on + Add Price Sheet.

  2. Enter a name and select Self Fulfillment.

  3. Check the Add commonly sold products option to start your price sheet with some popular items including prints, framed prints, and canvas prints, which you can edit or change as needed.

  4. Click Create, and your new price sheet will be created.

  5. In your new price sheet, you can add new products and set the prices for each item you want to sell.

  6. Once your price sheet is ready, assign it to a Client Gallery collection to start selling! Learn more: Assigning price sheets to a galleries

Adding and pricing new Self Fulfillment products

With a Self Fulfillment product, you have complete control over the product details and variations. You can customize your Store with exactly the products you want to sell!


  1. From your dashboard, go to Store > Products and select your price sheet to open it. Click + Add Product and select Self Fulfilled Item.

  2. Enter the details for your new product.

    Name - Name your product as you want customers to see it (e.g. Fine Art Prints).

    Description - Provide a description for your product (up to 2000 characters).

    Images - Upload up to 5 images of your product. We recommend uploading square photos with a minimum resolution of 1500 x 1500px for best results.

    Price - The price of the product. If you are adding multiple product options, you’ll instead set the prices for each product variation individually. You’ll want to make sure this covers the printing cost for that item, and includes the markup (profit) you want to earn each time it is sold.

    Extra Shipping - Any additional shipping charge to add for the product. If you are adding multiple product options, you’ll instead add the additional shipping charge for each product variation individually.

    Category - The type of product you’re offering (eg. Prints or Wall Art), which will determine where the product appears in your Print Store

    Product Options - You can add product options to allow your client to customize their order. Click + Add product option to add new variations. You can use this to, for example, offer multiple sizes for your product. To set this up, set the Name to Size, and add the different options as Values (eg. 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, etc). You can add multiple product options for things such as paper type, frame color, or any other variations you want to offer.

  3. Once you have added all of your product options, you can set the prices for each variation. You can also add extra shipping charges as necessary, or hide certain options if a particular variation is not available.

  4. Click Save to add the new product to your price sheet. It is ready to sell, once your price sheet has been assigned to a collection. Learn more: Assigning price sheets to galleries

Additional product options

There are some additional options available for your Self Fulfillment products. These can be used to customize the ordering process for the items when your client is placing an order.

No Image Required: When enabled, your product will not require that an image is selected for it, which is useful for non-photo items (e.g. USB drive).

Exempt From Sales Tax: This product will be exempt from sales tax calculations during checkout.

Limit One Per Checkout: When enabled, this product can only be added to a client’s cart one time per purchase.

Allow Bulk Purchase: When enabled, your client will be able to add this product to their cart in bulk.

Managing Self Fulfillment orders

When your client has placed an order on a Self Fulfillment price sheet, you will be able to review the order in your dashboard, and manage the order status manually to keep organized.


  1. Locate the order in your dashboard by going to Store > Orders and clicking View next to your client’s order.

  2. You can print a copy of the order details, or use the Export Filenames option to quickly export a .CSV file with all of the ordered products, including product variations, quantities, and image filenames. You can also use the Lightroom Copy List to easily locate the images your client ordered in your Lightroom catalog. You can review the images in the order and what products your client wants, then arrange for printing and shipping of those items with your preferred printing lab.

  3. The order status can be used to keep track of the fulfillment process for each order you receive. You will manually update the order status as you work on fulfilling the order, using the Status dropdown.

    Pending - Order has been placed by your client and is ready for you to get started.

    Processing - Typically means that you have submitted the order and it is currently in production with your printing lab.

    Completed - The order has been completed and has been shipped to the client.

    Canceled - The order has been canceled.

    Note: Setting an order to cancelled status does not automatically refund your client. You will still need to process their refund. Learn more: Refunding an order

  4. Changing the order status does not send any notification to your client, so you will be responsible for keeping your client updated about the order status and any applicable tracking details once the order has been shipped.

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